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About Jibit

Jibit is an online community dedicated to microbusinesses -- solopreneurs and teams with 1-10 employees. The odds are stacked against these very small businesses in today's economy, and we want to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to successfully start, manage, and scale up a growing, profitable business. After all, the more small businesses are able to succeed, the stronger our economy and the greater our quality of life!

We search the blogs of business owners, business coaches, small business marketing experts, etc. for the very best content to bring to our audience of very small businesses, and post them here, with credit to the original source. We also bring you original content from our network of experienced small business writers. If you would like to contribute to Jibit, please reach out!

About the Editor-in-Chief

Andrea Lotz is passionate about helping small business owners focus on the parts of running a business they love. As the communications director of AllProWebTools for over a year, she has learned the importance of online communities for small business success. She spends her days working with small business owners directly and indirectly, through blogging, social media, and email marketing.

Andrea is a Fort Collins, Colorado native, and is very passionate about the small business community of Northern Colorado in particular. In her spare time, she enjoys the thriving food, craft beer, and music scene in Fort Collins, as well as hiking, cycling, and gardening.